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Jane has been central to support for our daughter. She understands her needs and what is required for her development. She has a good relationship with both our daughter and us, and is reliable, approachable and professional.

Let’s Talk’s flexibility of approach has unlocked my daughter’s communication potential.

Where other speech therapists have struggled, Let’s Talk focuses on my daughter’s interests and is producing amazing results.

Jane has been a godsend to my boys with various degrees of speech and language difficulties. She works at pace to keep them interested and stimulated and has so many ways to get the desired results. Her work is thorough and structured and she pinpoints exactly what needs to be done and how to achieve it. Well worth the money!!

For just over 2 years we have had the pleasure of working with Jane, and our daughter and family have benefited hugely from the caring and supportive attitude that she offers when working with children to ensure they make great progress.

Jane provides an excellent, professional service which I would highly recommend to anyone.

The difference that Jane has made to the quality our both our children’s lives has been immeasurable.

Both our boys have progressed so far with the fantastic input that Jane has provided.

We were despairing of our younger son ever being able to communicate properly. With Jane’s intervention he has made amazing progress and has now been discharged from her caseload!.

Thank you Jane. The work you have done with both our children has been nothing short of amazing.